Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bold, Persistent Obfuscation!

Last night as I was despairing over the long list of unfinished drafts in my queue for this blog, it finally dawned on me why I haven't finished so many of them. By the time I take a day or three to mull over the subject and try to find time to actually write something coherent, a whole 'nother outrage has been foisted upon this weary nation by the indefatigable Obama regime. And my previous topic is now passé.
"Obama as FDR" © Gateway Pundit
Here's the list of towering canards I've begun to write about, but haven't yet published. 

  1. U.S. Support for Israel 
  2. Net Neutrality
  3. Banning Bullets
  4. Prez Raises Taxes w/Pen 
  5. Income Inequality 
  6. Out of the Shadows
  7. 'Get Off Our High Horse'
  8. Our 'Broken' Immigration System
  9. The Press 'Speaking Truth to Power'
  10. Bipartisanship
  11. Obamacare
  12. The 'Just-Us' Department
  13. Etcetera...

I've long wondered about the quip that "nations get the governments they deserve." But the 2012 re-election of a failing President, largely enabled by Republican voters who trust Mormons less than Radical Socialist Thugs, has at last persuaded me that we asked for it. 

America has elected a man of low character—duplicitous, argumentative, arrogant, and without shame—to the highest office in the land. As a disciple of both the Cloward-Piven Strategy (named for two professors at Columbia University, from which BHO graduated), and Chicagoan Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals," this President aims to keep opponents off-balance. Thus does he unleash a new offense almost every week. The intent is to overwhelm America; her opposition party, the several states, their county and municipal governments—not to mention entire industries and The People—keeping us all in a perpetual state of flummox.
And yet America is a nation of laws, and not of men. So when a Canadian friend asked on Facebook why we're not impeaching Obama for his many un-constitutional over-reaches, it became obvious to me that America has been traumatized. The antithesis of George H.W. Bush's thousand points of light is Barack Hussein Obama's assault by a thousand cuts. The political act of impeachment is simply beyond our present capability. We are so busy fighting all the fires he has started, that the long, uphill slog to impeach would only take us away from preventing the whole edifice from burning.

The best we could do in the 2014 mid-term elections was take the U.S. Senate away from the Democrats and their corrupt leader Harry Reid. And less than two months into the new congress, feckless Republicans have given it back to them. 

But we-the-people must not give up. Next year we have an opportunity to elect a man to stand in the gap (yes, unless Carly Fiorina does a whole lot better than I expect, it will be a man). I have met Ben Carson, and I like him a lot. I have long been impressed with Scott Walker...and his fellow governor Bobby Jindal could be a good choice. Former Texas governor Rick Perry might be ready for primetime this time. Or not. I don't think Senators make particularly good Presidents, though I am a Ted Cruz fan. If Marco Rubio runs, he could end up as Veep. I admire Rand Paul, but he makes me nervous on foreign policy. In any event, absent a leader in the White House, our republic will continue its decline.

So let us pray God has mercy on America.